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China to solicit public opinions on draft law of veterans' welfare

Soldiers from a branch of the border defense forces in Yantai, Shandong province, see off a demobilized soldier. [TANG KE/FOR CHINA DAILY]

BEIJING - A draft law on veterans' welfare has been sent to relevant departments at the central and provincial governments and the military for opinions and will be open to the public for comments in due time, said China's Ministry of Veterans Affairs Wednesday.

The draft law includes provisions on the job placement, training, employment, favorable treatment and pensions of ex-serviceman, said Wang Zhimin[MG_SEO]g, a spokesman for the ministry at a press conference.

Personnel files will be set up for veterans, and special treatment for retired soldiers with war experiences will be clearly defined in the draft law, said Wang.

Wang added that new rules were also added to the draft law to clarify the accountability and responsibilities of officials tasked with veterans' arrangement.
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